Pampas Grass Photoshoots for Weddings & Events

Wedding & Special Event Photoshoots Pampas Grass

2023 Spring/Summer photo shoots are happening, and more requests for bohemian style and nature style shoots are happening.
Give yourself the best pampas grass accessory.  White pampas grass, natural or golden, pink or grey.  Tall pampas grass completes the overall look of your boho style theme.

Easy to reserve your pampas grass:

1) Simply connect with us

2) Tell us your colors and styles

3) Tell us your dates

4) Receive your promo

5) Let's book delivery

Email us or visit us on Instagram for pampas grass for wedding and photoshoots.
Wedding Pampas Grass:
All pampas grass is 3.75-4" feet high, no two stems are alike.
Dry pampas grass is preserved and should be handled with gentility.
Extra stems are provided incase of damages.
All pampas grass is final sale.
Please give us 2-3 weeks notice of your delivery dates.
Send us some images of your shoot and receive a VIP voucher and Instagram publish story share.