At One Way Home Inc., we provide our customers with a selection of all naturally harvested Cortaderia selloana commonly known as pampas grass.
This beautiful flower that is native to South America and Asia. We believe that quality pampas is what compliments your home's design and completes the finishing touch.

Owner Kay, originally from the United Kingdom grew a love for this beautiful plant and became familiar with the beauty and nature of pampas and its related other plant species.  

As home owners and event planners ​One Way Home offers dedicated service to online shoppers who seek assistance choosing the right dried and preserved florals and pampas grass for your home diy projects.  Our dried flower shop observes the best texture, the best height, the best color and style to best suite your home or special event.  We also provide suggestions on where may be the best place to display your pampas in both intimate and grand spaces.
Locally we offer delivery, we are based in Barrie, Ontario Canada.  For your convenience, it's our pleasure to greet and meet you in addition to assisting with your home décor ideas.

Your satisfaction is our main concern and we will not under serve you until you feel satisfied and content on your decision.  We invite you to be a part of our pampas shop home as we all know, there is no place like home and to your home, there is only One Way.