Let's get introduced..

Everyday I wonder, why do I love florals so much.

I'm Kay, originally from the UK and moved to Canada as a pre-teen.  Growing up, I always had a love for nature, animals, plant life and flowers.

..and after realizing how pleasant planting my own flowers were to store bought ones I decided to learn how to grow my own. Once I understood soils, plants and flowers, I soon learned how to preserve and adorn them.

But as we progress, life gets in the way with obligations, family and leisure. Some of us get so busy to even décor our homes and spaces to our liking. 

When I created my first dry floral arrangement, I had a few stems, threw them in a vase and left it there and with all the obligations and distractions to manage day to day, this was the perfect solution.

I know some of us have busy schedules, DIY projects, holiday homes or vacation rentals and we want to have a beautiful floral piece or plant display without having to maintain it constantly.

So you can enjoy having the presence of natures beautiful elements in your home, living with you. 

Maybe you want to keep a tropical memory from a past vacation and to be worry free and save time with maintenance.

I like to believe that your time is best spent the way you want and to be able to let your flowers live with you, this will simplify your home decoration and bring you joy and peace of mind.

We invite you to be a part of our floral journey as we all know, there is no place like home and to yours, there is only One Way.



Was a pleasure to partner with Nankind this mother's day season

Every day, parents with cancer have to choose between their treatment and care for their children. That’s where Nankind comes in. Nankind transforms the cancer experience for families from diagnosis through bereavement. They provide families with free, specialized, in-home childcare, virtual support programs, and a supplemental meal program.  Children are empowered with the tools to understand their parent’s cancer and build resilience with the help of volunteers and their team of Child Life Specialists.