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who is One Way Home?

Company owned by Kay in Barrie, ON Canada. Always had a love of natures elements and beauty. Blessed with the gift to create beautiful pieces to share and teach others how florals can live with us and have their beauty remain.

What is Pampas Grass?

Pampas grass (Cortaderia selloana) is a species of flowering plant from the Poaceae family. Artificial flowers pampas grass is known for it's popularity from it's tall height, fullness and beauty. Pampas grass is native to southern South America, California, Australia, parts of Asia, and some parts of northern Europe.

Over recent years, pampas grass arrangements have grown in popularity for home and special event pampas grass decor, boho style designs, boho wedding themes, and more.

This magnificent plant species comes in many styles, lengths, colors, and fullness.

Pampas grass in Canada is a pleasure for home owners, designers, and shoppers to embrace its beauty and everlasting longevity.

How can dry flowers benefit you?

Outdoor & Indoor Events

Pampas grass handles outdoor and indoor events very well. Outdoor weddings are popular with boho style ceremonies. Arch and arbor palm leaf and pampas grass arrangements enhances admiration and event appreciation.


Pampas grass and dried florals are preserved in a way to not ruin the environment but last for years. Their time efficiency for your convenience benefits time for less maintenance and still present beauty.

Easy to Display

As dry florals develop in popularity, they magnify your overall events decoration and long lasting beauty. From memorable occasions. gift giving and for keepsakes to others.

Imagine the soft breeze..

Your theme can come to life with a simple vision. Embracing the beauty of nature at your special event not only is beautiful floral decorations but leaves an everlasting memory forever and always.