Extra bonuses with pampas grass

Outdoor & Indoor Events

Pampas handles very well outside and inside. Outdoor weddings are popular with bohemian style ceremonies. Sunshine and a gentle breeze goes hand in hand with bohemian themes.

Light and Attractive

Pampas is not heavy, it is very easy to carry and transport. They are very attractive to passerby's and natural elements.

Easy to Display

Living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom; pampas grass adds extra beauty to any space or event.

Stuart Henderson

Figured I'd get some for mothers day, didn't know much about this stuff. Mom was amazed how pretty is was, she's in love with it and wants more for Christmas.

Paula Simone

Kay was amazing was, she took her time with me asking a gazillion questions, she explained everything, very patient and well mannered. Pampas was packed well, it was perfect for my occassion, loved the free gift too.

Hannah Paul

I contacted Kay from Cali, she suggested colours and vase styles for my room style. I can't get over her kind service and dedication. We have lots of Pampas on Cali, but One Way Home made it worth my while.

Mark Philip

I am in Switzerland and ordered from One Way Home, I made an error on my address resulting in a very late shipment to my location. Kay did not stop to ensure the package was safe, she contacted me, the post office and customs, and in the end, it was my mistake for giving the wrong address. I admire how Kay did not give up until I had my items, will be doing business for sure in the future.