Due to the nature of pampas and the delicacy of the stems and plumes.  There is no guarantee returns will be returned as they were shipped out.

After an order is confirmed and shipped we do not offer refunds however we do accept exchanges.  All of our shipments are fully insured and secured accordingly.  Should the item be damaged during transit or if any transit service negligence has been encountered, we will then request an investigation be opened.  There is a 48 hour deadline (from the time delivered at destination) to inform us and provide photos and proof of the items upon arrival using the documents provided and we'll request a claim with the shipping provider.  Returns are accepted no later than 7 days (from the delivery date) after the item has been delivered, all returns are at the customer expense (including insurance), the item must be placed and packaged as received (photos required) and will require tracking, insurance and proof of shipment dates.

Lost/Late Deliveries:

Should your delivery status show 'delivered' and you have not received it; please allow 48-72 hours to receive it; sometimes there are service delays due to weather or disruptions.  Should 72 hours pass and you have not received your item, we ask for you to inform us and we will follow up with the shipping provider and provide an update to you as soon as possible and assist with any investigations if applicable.

Neighbour Deliveries:

We do not accept any returns that claim to be damaged when the item was delivered or left at another location other than the delivery address.

Should any items be returned to us without mention, they will returned to sender at the sender expense.

However should you have any concerns or questions, we encourage all our customers to reach out to us;  your satisfaction is most important to us.